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Best Z Wave Controller

The best z wave controller in my opinion is the Samsung SmartThings 2nd generation . As you may already know, any home automation and control system includes three basics parts: A protocol e.g the common language used by all the connected devices in your home network A wiring or wireless …

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Best Home Automation Hub

Introduction The best home automation hub is one that offers a good ratio of quality/price and can easily interconnect the hundreds of home devices out there. Indeed, you need a reliable home automation technology that adds remote control and automation capability to lighting, appliances, all kind of applications allowing you …

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Home Automation Projects

Introduction You’ve been doing a lot of projects since you were in the elementary. There are times when you do it on your own, and sometimes you seek for your parents’ help. Now that you’re all grown-up, you can do many things alone, with no or less minimal supervision. One …

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Home Automation 101


  Introduction I have always been a passionate guy all about smart homes and homes automation from an education perspective and also from a lifestyle perspective. I am in a position now where I can suggest and recommend a number of platforms and devices that go with them to add …

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